I’m a writer who likes wordplay. Perhaps a little too much. Like I even appreciate the most terrible, cringeworthy puns too much. Too many of my projects were built around a punning name before they grew into something more.

I used to write (but not draw) a short-lived webcomic called Mystery Incorporated UK. I am not the Jacob Andrews with a good webcomic. I  currently earn my crust as a television listings writer and my personal stuff tends to be about things I enjoy – namely the not-at-all-overcrowded markets of film, video games, comedy and literature.

I drip out a screenplay occasionally, but this blog is more of an article platform, though – about two years after I last edited this page – by now I have left crumbs all over the bedsheet of the internet to annoy you, collected in the vacuum bag of this site’s ‘Elsewhere…’ page. Still, I article here occasionally, and once in several blue moons I might actually use it to blog, writing down my thoughts shortly after they form.

I also like Shakespeare, Super Smash Bros. and being unconstrained by linear narratives, which led to the gravid mess that is Mercutio in the Underworld – a choosable path Shakespeare… thing. It’s no coincidence I chose the biggest punster in Shakespeare either.

Other hobbies include thinking about complaining about things but checking myself and not actually going through with it and staring wistfully out the window at clouds and trees.


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