We’re the Millers; or, Damn it Hollywood you can’t always have it both ways!

It’s been a while since I saw We’re the Meet the Millers, so I apologise if I get anything wrong, but now is when I feel like writing about it. It’s also why I go on about the spider/testes situation so much, as the film was so middling (originally this was going to be a Mediocri-City article) that though I remember the plot I don’t remember too many specific scenes or jokes beyond that one.

You can’t have it both ways, Hollywood. No, put that wallet away. Money won’t help. It’s not that kind of problem. Yes. No, there are some problems you can’t just throw money at. Continue reading



Today, we begin the wearing thin of a format.

Over on that other site I write for, Screen Robot, Sam Heard’s articleThe Top Five Greatest Screen Robots‘ has opened the door to a number of possibilities for us to fall back on when we’ve got no other ideas, something I’m sure I’ll do until and beyond the joke wears thin. Bottom [X] worst screen robots. The most middling [X] screen robots. The [X] most disturbingly sexy screen robots. Truly, the format is only limited by the number of adjectives in the English language. This article isn’t on that site ‘cos the robots aren’t varied enough in their origins.

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