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Project: Comic Novel a Day
A (failed) ongoing project I now wish I’d called “Novels I’ll Never Write”, for a year, I intended to come up with an amusing opening to a novel, where I will try to make the concept of the book itself inherently funny too.
-Kind of got away from me over Christmas, not resumed for the positive reason that I started working on a long term project in the evenings instead.

Around the Web

Screen Robot
Film, TV and video-game writing.

BytXplosion & Thumbsticks
More games writing. I only got one in before the former closed.

McSweeney’s New Food Reviews
I brought some weird sweets and wrote about the experience entertainingly.

Nottingham City free arts magazine. My local pub/music venue closed down and I wrote a eulogy of sorts. They also seem to have misnamed me when whey updated their website and migrated the article over.

A very old article. I wrote about how the UK riots of 2011 didn’t affect my hometown for magazine HereComesEveryone.

Elsewhere on WordPress

On Holdering is a bizarre account of the false history behind a drunken Christmas morning I had, and deserved its own page.

Mercutio in the Underworld is a wordplay-heavy choose-your-own-Shakespeare thing I did as a university project.

Totally True Flag Facts riffs on the often God-awful 52 US state flags.

And of course, there are articles and scribblings that appear solely on Uncorrigible.