Literally Taking the P*ss: Ten New Faces That Should’ve Been in Smash Bros 4

In the run up to the new Smash Bros., it seemed like everyone who knew that Smash Bros. is a Nintendo-ey crossover fighting game and not an obscure 80’s band was reeling off lists of characters they’d like.

Thankfully this is over. Let’s celebrate with another list.

(This nonsense was inspired by the wording in the title of Ewan Moore’s list from right after the Villager/Wii Fit Trainer/Mega Man reveal in June 2013. Remember, to quote my own ‘about’ page: “…likes wordplay, perhaps a little too much”.)

It starts off relatively sane and gets sillier as the list goes on…

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Today, we begin the wearing thin of a format.

Over on that other site I write for, Screen Robot, Sam Heard’s articleThe Top Five Greatest Screen Robots‘ has opened the door to a number of possibilities for us to fall back on when we’ve got no other ideas, something I’m sure I’ll do until and beyond the joke wears thin. Bottom [X] worst screen robots. The most middling [X] screen robots. The [X] most disturbingly sexy screen robots. Truly, the format is only limited by the number of adjectives in the English language. This article isn’t on that site ‘cos the robots aren’t varied enough in their origins.

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